M A H A N    M I R A R A B

Fretless and Jazz Guitarist, Ethno Musician, Composer, Architect

Sehrang CD Release Concert - 28.01.2014

in Vienna@SargFabrik


The Videos of PERSIAN SIDE OF JAZZ in Tehran are available:


Up Coming Concerts

18.10.2013    Vienna @ Porgy&Bess    Choub
03.10.2013    Tehran    Persian Side of Jazz
02.10.2013    Tehran    Persian Side of Jazz
25-29.09.2013    Tehran    Workshop at Ranginkaman Guitar Academy








ALL ABOUT JAZZ : Songs like “Haj Ghorban" and “A Week of Moonlight" dazzle with Mirarab's enigmatic, transcendent guitar playing, fusing Middle Eastern textures with traditional jazz rhythms.

JAZZ TIMES : "Persian Side of Jazz" enlightens listeners by revealing how widespread jazz’s influence is.

JAZZ CORNER : Persian Side of Jazz is one of the year's most unique and compelling releases mainly because the stylistic blueprint of Mirarab's compositions draw upon stylistic influences, mainly Persian folk and world music, that are exotic to stateside ears.