Mahan Miararb; guitar, fretless guitar, compositions & arrangement

Golnar Shahyar; voice

Mona Matbou Riahi; clarinet

David Six; piano

Florian Willeitner; violin

Martin Berauer; bass

Amir Wahba; percussion

On his new album »Say Your Most Beautiful Word«, Mahan Mirarab combines European chamber music, contemporary jazz and Iranian classical music into an »honest language«, as the Vienna-based guitarist and composer says. A language Mirarab finds in hope for what is to come and in reconciliation with what has passed. Over the course of seven pieces, the Iranian-born composer presents motifs from Persian tradition in new ways. They come together in moments captured by the sextet of Golnar Shahyar (voice), Mona Matbou Riahi (clarinet), David Six (piano), Florian Willeitner (violin), Martin Beraurer (bass) and Amir Wahba (percussion).

In »Beginning«, minimalist improvisations feel their way to a poem by Forugh Farrochzad. »Taboo Ata« rebels against Iranian tradition as Mirarab breaks with the rhythmic-harmonic heritage and plays »like Mozart with microtones.« One participates in a ceremony of gratitude for »A Chant of Praise«, on which microtonal melodies combine with well- tempered jazz harmonies. Mahan Mirarab wants the title track of the album, »Say Your Most Beautiful Word«, to be understood as a call to deal openly with one's own feelings. A poem by Iranian lyricist Ahmad Schamlou serves as the basis for getting through the pain of silence. »Invisible« is the album's structural jazz piece — reflecting blind spots and professing solidarity. Into a dream world you step on the concluding »Not In My World«, a piece inspired by the work of director Jacqueline Kornmüller.