Vincent Pongrácz - clarinet

Mahan Mirarab - guitar, fretless guitar

Dés András - percussions

Mahan Mirarab and András Dés, the founders of Mash embarked on a musical journey in 2019, meeting weekly after Dés moved to Vienna. The Iranian guitarist and the Hungarian percussionist created rhythmically and structurally fresh compositions during their joyous jam sessions, pointing both of them in an inspiring direction. Vincent Pongrácz, the third member of the trio, brought a new perspective to the band beyond common musical intersections - his clarinet playing, which navigates between jazz and hip-hop, harmoniously contributed to the band's microtonal, odd-metered compositions. Mash is the meeting point of three exploratory musicians with distinct, characterful voices. They come from different backgrounds in many ways, but their openness and shared musical language bind them together, providing a foundation for arranging their similarities and differences into harmony, allowing something new to emerge from the collaborative work of the three musicians and make the band a truly contemporary production in the 21st century. The trio's debut album is set to be released in the fall of 2024.